Alesia Lani

June 28th, 2016

Each chorus more sultry than the last. Following every earth-shattering vibrato, Alesia Lani managed to crack a smile peering thought the fluorescent stage lights, entertaining a packed house at Stay Gold. Each song possessed a soul of its own. Smooth and jazzy, funky and bluesy, Alesia Lani’s KeyzStreet Band maneuvered through changes and tempos like molten rock propelling through the earth, and soothing the rigid mountain edges with its fiery magma. It was hot, and it was smooth.

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Her performance was nothing short of breath-taking.  Her set was a throwback to my time in Chicago attending some great jazz and blues shows at the legendary Green Mill, and Kingston Mines. She finished her set with one of her newest, and unreleased songs,  “Celebration.”

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After the finale, a rousing ovation ensued, and rightfully so. Did we just witness a star in the making? Reno Dudley, the co-founder of KeyzStreet Music, stunned me with an enthusiastic slap on my back as if what we just witnessed was a genie spilling out of a bottle. A great place to catch her sizzling performance will be July 9th at Empire Control Room. I suggest you bring a chinstrap before your jaw hits the floor.

-Rene De La Mora, TipCow

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