Jean-Claude Van Jamme

May 30th, 2016

While many of you were out celebrating the start of your Memorial Day weekend, or toasting the end of an exhaustive school year, I was being transported onto an intergalactic funk-ship manned by cosmic captains, Jean-Claude Van Jamme. Besides having one of the best band names in history, JCVJ showed the audience at The Sahara Lounge why they were on an interplanetary mission to funk you up!

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The soulful sound-check led by Rocky Lane (Vocals) and Aric Pearson (Baritone Sax/Vocals) was shortly followed by the deep kick drum blast that shook the historic frames hanging on the walls. Stew Lane (Drums) began to fill the room with the entire kit. Kevin Rowe (Bass), Gordon Pyle (Keyboards), Andrew Driscoll (Trumpet/Vocals), Will Thompson (Guitar), and Karyn Lane (Clarinet/Vocals) continued to fan the flames with an empyreal sound only matched by their flamboyance and bravado.

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The crowd was buzzing, the horns were blazing, and the costumes were mesmerizing. Besides being extremely talented musicians, JCVJ knew how to razzle-dazzle. They encouraged audience participation with energetic reciprocal chants echoing throughout the evening. A 70’s funk throwback with hard rock edge, they managed to mix many genres well with a soulful undertone. Their rendition of “Regulate” by Warren-G was a display of their versatility and talent when Karyn Lane took to the mic. We look forward to another night with JCVJ very soon. You’ll definitely want to add this act to your ATX bucket list.

-Rene De La Mora, TipCow

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