Star Trek Burlesque

Pasties, feather fans, glitter, and the Starship Enterprise.  The Austin Burlesque Alliance put on a Star Trek Burlesque show Saturday night at the North Door filled with some of the most creative and nerdy, scifi cosplay strip tease this side of the galaxy.

While a lot of what we do here at TipCow revolves around bands, we also support other types of live performance such as comedy, drag, and burlesque. And Austin has so much of it!  In fact, there is so much burlesque (and vaudeville and cabaret) in Austin that there is an Austin Burlesque Alliance (ABA) whose members are from the multiple local troupes as well as independent performers and producers. The ABA doesn’t always produce a show together, so this was a treat that packed the house.



The show opened with the founder of the ABA, the world-renown Coco Lectric.  Her classic and naughty Deanna Troi entranced the audience. Kitty Sangria of the Bat City Bombshells brought the raw BDSM Klingon sexuality. Amelie Ahmose of Frisky Business Burlesque paid tribute to Tanya Lemani with a bellydance number. Eve Vocative celebrated the Vulcan pon phar with a lot of booty. Gemmi Galactic of Frisky Business Burlesque made a ridiculous mess as a furry tribble. Nina Josephine of Bat City Bombshells did a graceful Uhura feather fan dance.  Honey Moonpie and Mars Capone of Dem Damn Dames came from Houston to assimilate as the Borg, complete with laser pasties.  And that was just the first half.

After a short intermission, Ginger Snaps of Black Widow Burlesque did an impressive flying strip on an aerial lyra as Captain Picard. Adelaide Renegade from Dallas was a green Orion slave girl with a silk fan dance.  InVina Veritas showed off a fierce Klingon bat’leth act. Roxxy Reckless from Dallas gave us a fully functional Data. Anne Illusion returned from Denver to be a bold 7 of 9.  Sherry Bomb of Bat City Bombshells closed the show in a complete Grand Nagus transformation.



The whole event was MCed by the Bat City Bombshell’s own Ms. Calizoria, who kept the crowd laughing while the stage kittens prepped for each act. The stage management crew ran a tight ship and the show was flawless.  The North Door was the perfect venue to showcase this talent and to hold the large crowd that it drew.

The audience cheered, applauded, and laughed along in full geek joy to every shimmy and shake. The fans were in awe of the intricate costuming, the choreography, the beauty and the humor, and the attention to detail each performer carefully paid to their character. Austin’s brilliant burlesque scene covers a wide range of styles and influences and is busting out in venues all over the city. For a truly entertaining evening full of fun surprises, you need to experience the witty and visually stunning art of burlesque.

-Gemmi Galactic, TipCow

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