Jeremy Boothe & The Wanderers

In the dimly lit room of the infamous Hole In The Wall, five friendly, young faces took the stage. When they began to play, a wholesome sound emanated from the stage that was strangely reminiscent of a group of friends traversing the country. Open blue skies on a road that points straight to adventure, traveling through open plains and stunning mountains and enjoying each other’s company through their trip every step of the way. There’s a freedom to them that’s simple but powerful, and you won’t really know why until you allow yourself to feel it. Jeremy Boothe leads the entourage, followed by The Wanderers, Dan Bowman, Jamal Knox, Morgan Elliot, and Luke West.

Their sound is a light-hearted and earnest slice of Americana. Traditional folk music, with all the right elements. Boothe has a soothing baritone that can pull out a little grit when the songs get more emotive. Elliot’s violin adds a beautiful, romantic layer while West’s trumpet rounds out the melodies and highlights bright, dramatic segments. A few rounds in, Boothe pulls out his harmonica and adds a touch of home to the mix. One of my favorite moments of the night was when West sat out for a song and joined the audience, while the band played something quieter and more intimate. Well into the track, at just the right moment, quite unexpectedly, West’s trumpet chimed in from the center of the audience. It was charming little stunt that, as simple as it was, really captivated the band’s energy.

There’s something about this band that reminds you of the enjoyment you can get out of the simple things. For example, stealing your girlfriend away from the table to join you for a dance, as one couple did at the show that night. It’s music that calls you away from your busy, modern life, if even for a moment, to enjoy a simple, good time. It’s also caters all too well to being out in the open. Whether it be on a road trip, fishing out on the lake, or singing songs around a campfire in the middle of summer. All I know is that Jeremy Boothe and The Wanderers has the perfect soundtrack for my next adventure.

-Matt Jain, TipCow

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