Eric Tessmer

Austin is known to be home to some the most talented musicians in the world. My peers have called one particular man a “legend.” That is a bold label for anyone, let alone in the live music capital. I would hear outlandish stories of his stage antics, and playing abilities. It was like a bad game of telephone, only the stories remained consistent. I finally took the plunge to see what all the hype was about. The experience cannot be summarized into words so easily. I witnessed a master, tactician, virtuoso, and yes, a legend at work. The effortless playing that makes Eric Tessmer so unique was on full display at Friends, for free on a Monday night.

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One often overlooked ability Eric does so well is transitioning within a single song. He can bring a thunderous attack to a sudden halt with a smooth transition or steady groove that makes you forget how fast he was going just seconds before.  During the solo of his opener, he’ll lure everyone in with a gradual crescendo, and then bring it all to a quiet whisper where even a sniffle can echo through the room.  Then, he’ll bring it all back with a hammer of sound, bringing everyone to their feet.

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Clearly, the story of Eric Tessmer is still being written. Not only is he a very talented individual, but he’s also very humble.  Just a few months ago we had a scheduling mix-up at a bar I was assisting.  Eric was very patient and understanding. Little did I know he had been promoting the show, and a group of 15 men from New York flew their bachelor party in only to see Eric play. Luckily, management made a few arrangements to facilitate his show, and I left with both of my limbs intact.  This was the night I began to use the word “legend.”

-Rene De La Mora, TipCow

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