Grace London

While most kids in their early teens write in their diaries about which celebrity is hottest and other simple worries, Grace London was delving a little deeper into her mind. Heart on display, her diary comes in the form of lyrics, documenting her personal thoughts through music. Now, armed with a decade and a half of experience, she’s showing the world the depth that a mid-teen’s mind can reach. Grace London is very commanding of her sound in that she plays almost all her instruments by herself. She plays with bassist Zoe Czarnecki, but handles the vocals, guitar, electronic drum pad, kick and snare all on her own. And it’s not uncommon for her to be using almost all of these at once.

London’s style is reminiscent of a girl sitting cross-legged on her bed, in a suburban home, wearing rainbow colored toe socks, singing about adult emotions that a parent wouldn’t normally give her credit for feeling. Her tracks start with a soft drum pad beat and a clean electric guitar that offer a coffee shop intimacy. Zoe’s bass adds a supportive spine to the tracks, while London’s light, breathy falsettos add a cloud layer that really drives home the “diary confessional” vibe. That being said, her songs aren’t all sunshine and rainbows. Her lyrics have a surprising perspective. She can be quite pensive or even incredibly expressive of momentary chaos. London is a very talented, young artist who is very in tune with her emotions and does a great job of expressing it musically.

The indoor stage at The Belmont offered a certain class to the performance. They have a simple and clean stage set up with a backdrop of Austin in motion. The rest of the venue is spacious and stylized, with a floor pattern that looks as if it were picked by a fashionista with taste, and comfy couches designed to fit the relaxed vibe. The staff is friendly and the bartenders give fantastic recommendations. There’s also an outdoor patio that is rather relaxing, and offers a place to chat or enjoy a drink without anything blasting in your ear. It’s a nice, classy, comfortable spot on 6th.

As someone much older, Grace London is still fun to listen to. The way she wraps her mind around an idea is very relatable for just about anyone, as we’ve all had those kinds of thoughts and frustrations before. I think it will speak to her generation more so, as they’re dealing with all those feelings now, for the first time. Listening to her is a great reminder that you don’t need to be flashy to make good music. It’s great music with a very innocent depth, if you’ll just sit down and listen.

-Matt Jain, TipCow

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