Imagine a spaghetti western. A vast blue sky, wisps of clouds, beautiful orange desert, and patches of prickly bushes as far as the eye can see. You’re on a train talking to a proper southern belle in a fancy red dress. A quick glance away, and the next thing you know, you’re staring down the barrels of twin Colt Peacemakers. And she’s taking you for all ya’ got. If this were to become a movie, Outskirts has your soundtrack covered. They’re a four-piece punkgrass group made up of Lisa Taylor, Jason Martins, Alejandra Balli, and Matthew John Botting. You would be wise to keep one eye on this group. They will catch you by surprise if you let ‘em.

What really stands out about this band is their musical sense and how fun their style is. They’re a new southern classic that’s half country, half punk, and half old west. Bringing out little bursts of syncopation at great moments that just make you wanna yell “Hell yeah!” In fact, I know I did. Each song has its own attitude, clearly written and performed with heart and soul. Taylor’s natural southern drawl really rounds out the country aesthetic, but don’t let her soft image fool you. On stage she’s a lively, raw little ball of fire and gets the whole band amped up. And when they’re amped? Put your pants on. You’re going for a ride. That acoustic/electric guitar combo is Bad. Ass.

Hotel Vegas was very fitting for this particular band. Right in the backdrop of the stage is a desert sunset, and the venue lights them right into the canvas with pink and blue hues. The Outskirts top off the diorama with amazing, high energy music, perfectly suited for the image.



Outskirts was a highly impressional band. A great show with pizazz and really fun music. They cover a niche sound, but I reckon anyone who has a piece of their heart in the south and enjoys an energetic setting can have a good time with it. I’m a big fan of spaghetti westerns and I felt like their tracks fit perfectly in one. There was one or two I could even see in a full on, good ole’ fashioned bar brawl. Fists flying and broken bottles everywhere. Thankfully, Hotel Vegas is civilized and would never put up with that crap. But if you’re looking for a good showdown, head on over to the Outskirts. You’ll find one there.

-Matt Jain, TipCow

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