Night Drive

The fog-covered Mohawk stage finally cleared, with showtime merely seconds away.  A fluorescent blue reflection was bouncing off every raindrop as the downpour drenched the anxious concert-goers. As the intro for “Easy to Lie” began to play, the subwoofers shook the floor. Night Drive was in full display with an electronic retrowave sound that was accompanied by an array of swirling colors. The Future Wave genre has been defined, captured and perfected by frontman Rodney Connell on vocals, Brandon Duhon on synths and guitar, and Gibran Nassif on drums.


It was an experience that doesn’t grace the popular music world as it once did. It almost seems as if that nostalgic spirit was reincarnated into these artists. The fog machine, black light, and a perfectly timed LED mirror ball added to the 80’s dance club atmosphere.  Standing still was impossible; it’s as if my dancing skills were in desperate need of an exorcism.  The trio closed out their set with the crowd pleaser, “Sea of Light”, a sing-along song with a melodic hook that will keep you singing on your way back home.

It was a special night at Mohawk. Photographer Pooneh Ghana hosted the show for her epic 26th birthday celebration. The coupe de gras was performed on a dinosaur piñata, ripped apart by the hungry audience like they were in a George A. Romero film. Even on a murky night, Mohawk still put on an amazing event.

Night Drive Live at Mohawk

Night Drive is something you need to experience. It’s a one of a kind show for the younger generation, and a glorious nostalgia for anyone who attended similar shows 30 years ago. It’s great music that anyone in any age group can enjoy. Go find them, and let them take you back. You won’t regret it.

-Rene and Matt, TipCow

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  • Great article!! You gave a great description of my experience seeing them live… I’m a huge fan of Night Drive and purchased on iTunes Sea of Light and Easy to Lie for the drive home!


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