Attending my first Ume show was like watching a glass wall slowly collapse from a boulder with soft edges. Even as a non-smoker, I needed a cigarette after Friday’s show at Hotel Vegas. Ume consists of front woman Lauren Larson on guitar and vocals, husband Eric Larson on bass, and Aaron Perez on the drums. This band really knows how to weigh their beats and blasts you away with their raw and unadulterated energy, all at the right moments. They set it up with a driving bass and drums to match, following through with badass rock licks on the guitar. The timbre of Lauren’s voice is deceptively light for the sound, which makes for the most amazing outbreaks that set the room on fire.

I find the mark of a great performer is someone who is able to feel their music and bare themselves raw to their audience, allowing them to see exactly what it comes from. Larson gets so immersed that her performance commands you to feel it with her. It’s an equal show of intensity on the stage as it is with the music itself. Sometimes so weighted that you’ll find Larson merging with her guitar on the stage floor, only to bring it back to where the audience bows in response, in a manner that only rock fans can: headbanging, with horns on display, as Larson’s hair whips around in kind.

Hotel Vegas was the fortunate venue to host Ume for Do512’s Free Week. A venue dedicated to getting the best for their performers, while creating their own setting. Excellent sound coming from excellent bands, coloring them in a beautiful desert sunset. With a relaxed, skilled staff on hand, you’ve got to really try to have a bad time.

UME Live at Hotel Vegas


As far as the Ume experience goes, it’s one that’s sure to blast your face off. Some artists are musicians. Some are performers. Ume is both. Even going in with high expectations, it’s a show that can only exceed them. Ume is intense rock music in intimate form. Flashy, showy. Complete badassery.

-Matt Jain, TipCow

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