Holiday Mountain

If I could describe Holiday Mountain’s performance last night in a word, it would be “hype.” The duo, consisting of front woman Laura Patiño and drummer Zander “Z-Ray” Kagle, pack a serious punch. Their sound is electrifying in both energy and style. Kagle uses a mix of acoustic and electronic sounds to set the beat, setting off the spark, and Patiño grabs that and molds it to her fiery will. When she starts, so does your trip. Their music has a beat you can easily follow and dance to, and before you know it you’ve been seduced into their twisted world, and Patiño is your guide.

Holiday Mountain pulls hard synthpop and dancepop elements and takes you to that world’s dark, grungy corners where everything you hear and see is a unique experience, not to be forgotten. Once fully immersed in their sound, Patiño let loose her dancers who helped flesh out the raunchy underworld they’ve created, complete with synchronized dance segments. The energy the entire performance brings is consistently high and captivating.

Watching them perform at Empire Control Room & Garage was a particularly good experience. The venue was open air, which worked out great for that night. All you need to match a brisk night in Texas is a couple solid brews and something good to dance to. Something Empire clearly knows how to provide—not to mention their variety of music available. It was at least this writer’s spot of choice to welcome in the New Year.

Holiday Mountain Live at Empire Control Room & Garage

Overall, Holiday Mountain was fantastic. A unique and compelling musical experience and a performance that doesn’t let you go until their time runs out. It’s different. I imagine that will be a word that describes their sound often. But at least in this case, different is good. And I want some more.

-Matt Jain, TipCow

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